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    We are a community with focus on female entrepreneurship, personal growth and “give to get” mentality.


    We want to connect with equal-minded people, share best practices, tips and tricks in women entrepreneurship and create an inspirational community to grow and blossom together.


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    Become a part of amazing community of women entrepreneurs.

    Daily Tips, Tricks and Beyond

    Connect with our international @ichselbstaendig community of aspiring women entrepreneurs. Read honest and insightful interviews. Get useful Instagram hacks, enjoy book reviews, and scroll through our collection of helpful and time-saving tools.

    Engage with your local community

    Meet professional and equal-minded women in your local area. Make friends, business partners and everything in between.

    Early breakfast, brunch, a glass of wine after work or relaxing yoga practice with a cup of tea afterward - all our meetups are unique and always special.

    Expand your knowledge

    Business and personal development coaches, marketing and social media specialists, and industry professionals will share their knowledge and expertise in our Workshops and Seminars. Small groups, hands-on experience, and fun are guaranteed.


    We have no doubt that you have all you need to be successful: you are amazingly talented and possess a unique set of skills. You work on your mindset and repeat your daily affirmations.


    Our mission is to create a supporting, inspirational, and like-minded environment to guide you on your path and help you realize your full potential!

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    Promoting entrepreneurship, personal growth and everything in between



    Katerina is a seasoned marketing professional with 13+ years of management experience both in large companies and start-ups. Currently, she follows her passion helping international companies and entrepreneurs to build and implement their digital marketing strategies.

    As part of @ichselbstaendig she inspires, educates and supports female entrepreneurs, hosts marketing seminars, consults on developing digital marketing strategies for small- & medium-sized businesses.

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    Valentina has a double Master's degree in Economics and Management, is an all-round digital marketing professional with 9+ years of working at international advertising companies and marketing agencies.

    Three years ago she made a switch into "Selbständigkeit" and currently develops her own projects in areas of event management, consulting, handcrafting, and personal development.

    As part of @ichselbstaendig she hosts regular networking events for female entrepreneurs and consults women, interested to start their own business on successful transition from 9-5 job into "Selbständigkeit".

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  • @ichselbstaendig University

    Reach more people, convert followers into customers, understand social media tools and get most of Instagram and Facebook. Contact us via Form at the bottom of the page!

    Level 1

    Understand the BASICS

    You have heard the Instagram success stories, but your account has little to no followers and you are at a loss what to do with your Social Media accounts? This course is for you and will be a perfect start for anyone who wants to build a solid and healthy fundament for his Social Media presence

    Level 2

    Ready to take off

    You have conquered the basics and gained up to 1000 followers, but see no to very little results from your Instagram activities. This level is all about fine tuning and bringing your Instagram activities to a new success level.

    Level 3

    Mission to the Mars

    Your account has more then 500 followers, you see interaction, maybe even some sales, but you know there must be much more than what you get out of your Social Media now. It is time for a professional assessment of your digital assets.

  • "Entrepreneurship is not a job description, it is a lifestyle"



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