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Interview with Lisa Marie Tammena - founder of @lisamarietammena

· Personal Growth,Coaching,Awareness Training

Dear Ladies,

please give a warm welcome to our today's #heroine_of_the_week - beautiful and sunny Lisa Marie Tammena @lisamarietammena.

Lisa helps people to find their purpose in life and deal with their individual challenges as a coach, trainer and mediator. She combines methods of systematic coaching, positive psychology and awareness.

As a co-founder of @the_conscious_collective_bln she offers "Vision Workshops" in Berlin, which help to find clarity, a sense of purpose & happiness.

Lisa was a guest expert in our summer special edition "Motivation and Personal Growth" and recently we had a pleasure to meet her in person at one of our entrepreneurial breakfasts. Her sunny personality, warmth and deepness of character, and vast professional experience make her a person you can trust and seek support from.

We are happy to share an interview with Lisa about her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. It also contains a special surprise for our @ichselbstaendig community - so keep on reading! :)

Interview with Lisa

You started classically with a psychology education, when and why did you decide to develop yourself in the direction of coaching?

Psychology is in my opinion the best foundation for coaching. When working in a consultancy for sustainability I was an International Coach and Trainer, so I gained first experiences in that field and enjoyed it very much. However it was only part of my job and I wanted to spend more time on coaching, so I started my own business.


What are the three character traits that make in your opinion a good coach?

There are definitely more, but to only name a few: empathy, psychological knowledge, a great tool set and excellent communication skills. Being structured and being well connected to ones own intuition helps a lot too.


Coaching industry at the moment is very competitive, how do you manage to stand out and find Your clients?

Holding a Psychology degree and systemic coach certificate plus having work experience in several fields gives me a good foundation for my work. I can tell from the feedback I receive that clients find me very authentic, empathetic and professional. I work very intuitive and don’t fear going through deep emotions together with my clients. I can create and hold a safe space.


As a coach you gain insights in lives of many people, how do you manage to find balance between being too much emotionally involved and staying authentically interested and understanding?

Luckily I have never had the problem of being too much emotionally involved.

I am not taking too many clients in a day. Also I am meditating a few minutes right before each session and if I feel like it, again afterwards. I am super interested in understanding people, why they do what they do and I enjoy digging deep. I think, I just love what I do - that helps immensely!


Lisa, do you remember your first paid session with a client? Did you feel confidence, insecurity, stage fright, or excitement?

I definitely felt some insecurity, but I was also super excited and looking forward to work with my client and start a journey together. Once I started, I was in the flow and I forgot all my insecurity.


Do you feel that Instagram could be considered an acquisition channel for your type of business or is it more of a digital visit card for you?

It’s both. However using it as a acquisition channel takes a lot of time and effort.

At least that’s what I experienced so far.


On 25th of November your Visions Workshop in cooperation with @liliamajor will take place in Berlin. How could @ichselbstaendig ladies profit from attending your workshop?

I think we all know those phases, where we loose orientation, are unsatisfied with one or more parts of our life and struggle to find our path. Those phases in which we struggle to make a decision and go forward into the unknown. In our "Visions Workshops" participants develop a Vision for their life and define realistic goals and first steps.

What is really important to you?

What kind of life do you want to create?

How can I do that? And what keeps me from doing it?

Where and why do I limit myself?

We will end up being very concrete in the end and define the steps to reach your goal.

We open up a space, where everyone can totally feel welcomed, heard, inspired and connected. We combine classical coaching tools with Meditation and a Yin Yoga session. The Workshop takes place in the beautiful essentis bio Hotel next to the Spree, where we eat lunch too (included in the price).

If you are looking for more clarity about your priorities and plans and want to experience strong support from Lilia, all the other beautiful participants who experience the same emotions as myself, we are more than happy to welcome you!

We offer the @ichselbständig Ladies a discount of 20%!

In order to get the discount, all you have to do is to write under your next post that you want to participate and use #theconsciouscollectiveworkshop, so we can find you!

2nd. Visions Workshop will by December 16.

Why do you need a vision?

Visions can reveal what’s already inside of you: Your key values, your needs, your strentgh, your dreams. Living aligned with all these parts of yourself makes live SO much easier. Say bye bye hustling! Visions can motivate immensely, because out of a sudden there is something bigger than you, you get up every day for. Visions can help you make a decision saves you a lot of rumination time.

Lisa, your life is busy and full of different events, however you also find time to help young people as a volunteer in Jungundjetz E.V. Why is this initiative so important for you?

There are so many young people in Germany who lack of a real support system and have no idea where to get help. I felt the urge to use my knowledge as psychologist and coach voluntarily and give something back. It is part of my vision that we think less about what we can get out of something and more about what we can contribute to a better world. If you want to volunteer and don’t know where, ask yourself: How can I contribute with my set of skills to solving one issue that bothers me most in the world?


Summer Special "Motivation & Personal Growth"

Many of female entrepreneurs when starting their entrepreneurial journey are faced with fears and self-doubts that prevent them from following their dreams. Can you share with us a simple tool or technique for dealing with such toxic emotions?

I think fear and doubt to some extend are normal and can even be useful. That may sound contradictory, but if you use doubt not as barrier, but ask yourself the question „Am I doubting because there is still an open question regarding the business idea that I should answer?“ doubt can be the engine to dig deeper, get more clarity and improve your product. Regarding the emotion fear: I learned to welcome fear, because it guides me to do something really really brave and reassures me that I am doing the right thing.

So, strategy number 1: Relabel the 'toxic' emotions and ask yourself: What can they be useful for?
Strategy number 2: Know your why and remind yourself daily. Create a vision that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. Write your vision down and pin it next to your bed or even better: Create a vision board that inspires you day by day.
Strategy number 3: Don't compare yourself. That is probably the hardest thing to do. If there is someone who you look up to, see him or her as a possible mentor: What can you learn from him/her? And also: What do we have in common? You are most likely looking up to a person that represents so much of yourself already.

Lisa, you also help people to find a right profession for them. Can you give an advice to those women who want to start their own business on how to chose the business field that will best suit them?

What is your vision of a perfect planet and how can you contribute to achieve that?
What is your gift to life?

What do you think the world needs?

What can you offer to change that?

What do you love to do?

When are you totally in the flow?

What drives you?

These are questions you can ask yourself, in order to find what your purpose in life is.
Look around: Who do you admire? Most likely you admire people who achieved something, your heart wants to achieve as well. Meet those people! If you can't meet them read their books or blogs, listen to their podcasts or write them an email.
As a coach I support my clients in finding their purpose in life, which gives me so much joy and fulfillment. For example I gave a Webinar last week on how to find your purpose – and people really started a journey. When you are dealing with this big question, you can watch the recording and do the tools at home for free. Just subscribe to my Inspirationmail and I'll send it to you. Additionally I am working on an online course on how to find more clarity on what your vision and your purpose is. So stay tuned! :)

Positive mindset is said to be the key to success in business. Can you please share a simple daily technique to keep oneself positive?

A positive mindset is training, like going to the gym. There are many techniques, that can help you train it. I am sharing a few routines:
Gratitude. Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day. I do that every morning and sometimes even again in the evening. It changed everything for me and my mindset.
Additionally I am writing down the successes (related to my business) of the past day in the morning and define realistic (!) goals for the day. If your goals are set too high, you are most likely feeling stressed throughout the day – keep it simple. Sometimes 3-4 ToDos are enough, if you are completing them everyday.
If you are having a bad day: Give. Be kind to others, ask yourself how you can cheer up the day of the next person, you are seeing. Open the door, buy a cup of coffee, smile...
Take care of yourself: Take breaks, eat healthy, sleep enough, celebrate successes, do things you love
And last but not least: Meditation and a mindful state of mind. Try to be present, especially in stressful times.

Meditation helps to calm your mind and reach more awareness and clarity about your life. Can you recommend a simple meditation technique that will fit entrepreneurial lifestyle?

The fastest way to connect to the present moment is to focus on your breath for a few minutes. This is also a good meditation for beginners. Close your eyes, sit upright, relax your shoulders and chin muscles. When thoughts are coming, greet them kindly and focus on the breath again. You can also count: 1 inhale, 2 exhale, 3 inhale, 4 exhale and so on. You may also let your attention scan your body slowly from toes to head.
If you feel any tension in your body, breathe into it until it softens.
When I need an energy boost in the morning or during the day, I imagine that a strong and powerful ray of light streams from head to feet through my body and fills me up completely. With every breath, I am breathing in powerful, strong light.

It’s summer time! Can you advice some activities women can do in summer in order to recharge their inner batteries and restore positive mindset?

I think, one of the biggest task (and maybe the toughest too) for us is to find out what we need and when we need it. We are all individuals who might need totally different things in the 'same' situation.
The more I am connected to myself, the better I can hear the voice inside, who tells me what I need. And the more I listen to myself, the better I stay connected. I meditate daily and practice yoga - regardless of the season. When I am totally imbalanced, a day in the nature helps me recharge incredibly – but sometimes a whole day in bed does too. :)
As I am a total summer person and fresh air junkie, I am spending most of the day outside in summer: meditate, work, meet clients.

What can you recommend women who think about starting their own business or who just started but feel hesitant, maybe stuck and overwhelmed?

First of all, that is a feeling many people have before doing something great. Successful people aren't the ones who don't have these feelings, but the ones who do it anyway.
I recommend finding like-minded people and learn from them. Don't hesitate to just contact them and ask all your questions! There are definitely many people out there who went through the same phase.

Supporting women finding their passion and following their paths makes me so incredibly happy. That is why I am planning a mastermind online group for entrepreneurial women that meets virtually every week. I want to create a space where women can show their fears, doubts and support each other. I want to help women to grow their businesses in a mindful way. Many beginners face one of two challenges: Either the business doesn't grow or it grows faster than you do. The group functions on the one hand as „commitment buddy“ and on the other hand as a weekly reminder to take care of yourself. Together we take time to reflect and set new goals for the week ahead, share tips and stories. If that sounds like something that would be helpful to you, message me to get for information!

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